What are winter tyres?
These tyres are made specifically for temperatures 7-degrees Celsius or less, along with wet, icy or snowy weather. They’re more suited to these surfaces, due to the tread blocks which are covered with jagged slips called Sipes and feature deeper tread grooves than what summer tyres do.
The majority of cars in the UK are fitted with summer tyres (normal tyres) or all-season tyres, which are designed for temperatures over 7 degrees Celsius as the UK doesn’t tend to be a victim of extreme weather, but winter tyres are a great way to play it safe.
Remember, winter tyres are in fact different to studded tyres. These feature plastic/metal studs which are fixed into the rubber and they’re not legal in the UK.








Which winter tyres are the best on the market?

1. Goodyear Ultragrip 9 – £82.15
The Ultragrip 9 may be a little pricy, but rightfully so due to what it offers. Replacing the Ultragrip 8, the Ultragrip 9 now offers a shorter braking distance, a secure feeling when driving and the comfort levels are amazing.
2. Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850 – £91.67
These winter tyres are easily the best on the market and work best in snow, wet or dry conditions – it’s the perfect all-rounder. When competing with other tyres, the ContiWinterContact tyres are unbeatable when it comes to the braking and handling in snow and on ice.
3. Michelin Alpin A4 – £99.49
The Micheline Alpin A4 winter tyres are one of the most expensive on the market due to the high performance they offer. These tyres score high in all departments, but the only negative is the high level of noise they produce.
4. Dunlop SP Winter Sport – £83.54
If you’re looking for tyres which are unable to break the bank with their price but off the same as the more expensive tyres, then the Dunlop SP Winter Sport tyres are the perfect option. They perform well in both dry and wet conditions with outstanding aquaplaning resistance and high levels of comfort.
5. Pirelli Snowcontrol Series 3 W210 – £77.74
These tyres are the best for if you’re on a budget. From only £77.74, it’s a fact that you get a lot more than you pay for. These winter tyres aim to provide high safety when travelling on wet and snowy surfaces. Its strongest features are the handling and braking.

Advantages of winter tyres

  • Good amount of grip in weather conditions below 7 degrees Celsius
  • Offer a high traction level in comparison to summer tyres, which helps in snow/ice/wet conditions.
  • They feature ‘Sipes’ which cling to the road in order to offer a high amount of grip.

Disadvantages of winter tyres

  • If used in conditions over 7 degrees Celsius, they’re offer a poor performance.
  • When used in dry weather, the braking distances increases and they wear away quickly.

Tyres can be quite an expensive investment, especially if they’re on seasonal but there are a range of cheap tyres which are available. If you’re unsure and are looking for professional advice, check out car servicing available in Blackburn from the Hippo Service Centre, who work hard in suiting your budget and vehicle’s needs.