With winter quickly drawing close, it’s more important than ever that we look after our cars and get prepared for breakdowns, as cars can suffer in the cold and icy weather.  Not only do you need to be prepared for breakdowns, you need to also be prepared for the risks of being stuck in severe traffic and delays too.  Remember, journey times are already much longer due to people driving slower and more carefully in the poor weather conditions.

  • It is important that you thoroughly check over your car regularly during the winter months.  You need to make sure that you check that all the lights on the vehicle are working correctly and are bright enough, as you never know when the fog might draw in.  Ensure that your fuel is at least a quarter of a tank full, as this will come in handy if you get delayed or have to make a detour due roads being closed.  Keeping your car serviced regularly will help keep on top of all the essentials you’ll need the most throughout the winter.  So taking your motor in for prestige car servicing may be a good idea to keep your car in the best working order.
  • Antifreeze is also an important element to have in your car engine.  You need to make sure that the water isn’t freezing, and that it is topped up regularly with the correct concentration.  Tyres are a massive part of keeping your car ‘winter ready’ too.  If these are bald or very well worn, your car will become an ice skate.  You could also consider getting some cheap winter tyres for extra safety and grip.
  • We all know that the sun shines bright on those winter mornings, and you’ll need to have a clear view of the road ahead.  Remember to keep your windscreen washer topped up, as the salt on the roads can make the windscreen dirty.  You also need to keep both the inside and outside of the windscreen clean.  Remember, wiping the inside of the windscreen with your hand or sleeve can leave big smears instead.  Sunglasses will also help you when the sun is reflecting off the snow.
  • Getting an emergency winter car kit ready is just as important as prepping the actual car.  During the winter months, you’ll need to carry things such as: a blanket, ice scraper and de-icer, snow chains, salt to help clear ice and snow from wheels, and maybe even some carpet or cardboard to help you regain traction.  A first aid kit, torch, and spare batteries will also come in handy.
  • Always make sure that you have a fully charged mobile phone with you, in case of an emergency.  If you know the weather is set to be harsh, then make sure to pack some sturdy boots, warm winter clothes, a flask of hot drink, and a little bit of dry food.  The most important thing during winter is to remember your breakdown cover membership card or contact details, as you never know when you may need them.