Not sure which tyres you should have fitted on your car?  Check out the tyre types below to figure out which tyres are best for you.  Of course, it mainly depends on the weather as to which ones you’ll need.  If you think your tyres aren’t up to scratch, then you can come in for car servicing to test that they’re performing at the optimum level.  We have state-of-the-art car servicing in Blackburn, where we can carry out anything from tyre replacement to car repairs.

Summer tyres are the ideal tyre for everyday driving, and are the best when it comes to navigating your way through all types of weather conditions in the UK.  With summer tyres, you’ll get some great driving and braking performance on both wet and dry roads, no matter the season.  This is because the tread pattern ensures that you’ll have good grip and stability at all times.  So whatever the weather, they’re a great fit.  However, for more severe weather conditions, you may want to have a look at some different tyres as shown below.

If you’ve ever been in your car, stuck in the snow, or slipping about on the roads, then you could benefit from winter tyres.  This is because normal summer tyres may not have enough grip to handle the freezing temperatures and slippery road surfaces.  Winter tyres are specifically designed to tackle the winter weather.  For example, their tread pattern has a block design with deep and wide grooves; some of them even come with small spikes.  The rubber compound that winter tyres are made out of can also handle below freezing temperatures.  So if you’re about to take on a pretty harsh winter, we’d recommend getting some winter wheels.

All Season
As the name suggests, all-season tyres will work wonders all the way through the year, in all weather types and seasons.  They are much better for winter use than summer tyres.  This is because the tread pattern is more complex, and allows the tyre to get more grip on icy road surfaces.  As well as this, the traction, stability and road noise are all highly satisfactory, especially when compared to winter tyres.  However, if you’re driving in truly bad winter conditions, you should opt for winter tyres.

Space Saver
You will usually find a space saver or spare wheel in most new cars.  These are available in case of a flat tyre, and you can use them as a spare.  Most of them are quite skinny, but all of them have something in common: they are only meant for temporary use.  You can put them on, but then you’ll need to make your way to a car repair centre straight away.  Space savers also have a maximum speed limit which is usually around 50mph.  Keeping a temporary wheel on for longer than necessary can lead to dangerous driving and possibly even an accident, as the handling and dynamics will be compromised.