Vehicles can be unpredictable and they can break.  The worst and most dangerous place for that to occur is the motorway. With cars rushing past at speed and changeable weather of the UK can mean serious danger for you, getting you off the motorway and moving asap should be a major priority.

Be properly prepared

One way to avoid breaking down in the first place, is to ensure your vehicle is regularly well maintained. This includes your basic maintenance of your engine and tyres. If you want your car to run well and run for longer, you have to take responsibility for it.

Ensure your tyres are properly pumped up and not damaged. This will avoid a punctured, flat or damaged tyre on the motorway that could cause a blow out and put you and others in serious danger.
Make sure you have arranged breakdown cover. This allows you to be picked up quickly and reduces any costs that you may be required to pay. Also if you are travelling abroad, breakdown cover is essential.

Ensure you have the number for your breakdown cover provider as well as having your phone charged. Preferably get an in-car charger or portable charger.

Items to have in your car

In some European countries it is a legal requirement to have a high-visibility jacket. In the UK it is not. However, it is a sensible suggestion to have one in your car anyway. Whether it is in the day or at night, a high-visibility jacket, allows you to be seen by other drivers, but also by your breakdown assistance.

When winter comes around and a high chance of snow, it is sensible to have a warm rug or blanket, a sleeping bag and spare coat. It is a good idea to always have a bag of spare warm clothes in your car as well… and some chocolate.

If trouble starts

When something goes wrong, depending upon the motorway lane you are in, start to carefully make your way across to the left side of the motorway. When you reach the hard shoulder, put your hazard lights on and stop as far to the left as possible. If it night, then switch your sidelights on to ensure you are seen constantly.

Put your high-visibility jacket and exit the car on the left side passenger door rather than the driver’s side door. Get all your passengers out and all of you must get onto the grass verge, behind the barrier and at a safe distance. In certain weather conditions, other drivers could come off onto the hard shoulder and hit your car. Again, make sure every exits on the left side of the car, away from the traffic.

Never do it yourself

Break down on the hard shoulder

Never try and do any sort of repairs on the hard shoulder. Keep away from the car. Many people suggest trying to fix your car if it appears to be something simple, like changing a tyre, but don’t. Ring your emergency breakdown provider and let them send out assistance. Once they have picked you up and taken you off the motorway to a safe place, then you can conduct your repairs.

If you know the number for your emergency breakdown provider and your mobile works, give them a call. If you don’t, then carefully walk to the nearest emergency telephones. They are easy to notice as they are painted bright orange and are positioned at every mile. They are connected straight to the Highway Agency and don’t worry, the call is free.

If the breakdown assistant is able to repair the problem, take care when setting off on the hard shoulder. Drive along the hard shoulder, when you reach the right speed, indicate & carefully, always checking for space, pull into the first lane.

Get it serviced

To ensure your car doesn’t breakdown on the motorway to is to put it through car servicing. If you are looking for the best car servicing Lancashire has to offer, then check out Hippo Service Centre. Our new state of the art service centre and body shop can work on any car whether it be a small hatchback or supercar.