With winter comes the possibility of ice and snow. These can develop into treacherous and dangerous driving conditions that could leave you stranded or stuck in traffic for long periods of time. You can ensure you are prepared for any possible eventuality by having these items in your car for the entire winter period. Because as we know in the UK, the weather can change rapidly and snow seems to appear out of nowhere (or we just don’t check the weather enough). If you do have an accident in the winter months and you need car body repairs, we are available to help.

Ice scraper and de-icer

You wake up in the morning and need to set off to work and your car is frozen. The windscreen is frosted over and you can’t see a thing. Not the safest of conditions so make sure you have an ice scraper and de-icer at the ready. Simply apply the de-icer to the affected windows and watch the ice disappear. If you don’t have de-icer or are in a rush, grab your scraper and scrape away.

Spare warm clothes

If you get stuck in your car for a long period and the temperature drops as day turns into night, it is a good idea to have a spare bag of additional clothes for both yourself and your passengers. This way, when you are forced to turn the car off and can’t heat the car, you should still be relatively warm.


You have your warm clothes, but also take a flask of something hot and food. The flask can have tea, coffee, hot chocolate or just anything hot. Food is also essential if you could possibly be stuck in traffic or trapped by the weather. Fill a cool bag and put it in the boot of your car. Also… don’t forget the chocolate.

First aid kit

With the treacherous weather of winter, there is always a risk of accidents and injury. Having a first aid kit in your car ensures that you are ready for the eventuality of an accident. You can deal with small injuries like cuts and scratches and slightly more serious issues before the ambulance arrives. You don’t need to perform serious operations but its good to be prepared for any minor issues.


One of the worst things that can happen in winter is that your car dies. Either battery has conked out or you have another issue. Or maybe you have seen another car which has died. Therefore, jump start cables are important. You can use them with another car to either restart yours or restart theirs. Either way, they are something that should be in your car all year round rather than just winter.

Boots and a shovel are also best to keep in your car with winter approaching. If you are unlucky enough to be hit by a huge amount of snow and you must dig your car out, then pull those boots on and grab that shovel. Also, if you break down, place a reflective warning sign you should have in your boot behind the car so people know you are there.


This may sound strange considering winter is usually a cloudy period, however, if it snows and that sun does make an appearance, you can expect to be dazzled. Put those sunglasses on and you will avoid the glare off the snow and wet road.

Drive safely this winter and you reduce any required costs. However, with the treacherous weather, this can sometimes be unavoidable. If you do have an accident and need a car paint repair, check us out. We have a state of the air body repair shop ready to fix your vehicle.