Whilst you look after yourself this year, do the same for your car. If you look after it properly and make sure it is in the best shape possible, then it will cost you less. Both in repairs and maintenance and fuel costs. If you have any body damage, take it to our state of the art prep centre and we will conduct car body repairs easily. That is just one of the ways to keep your car maintained. The other options are driving carefully and economically and conducting basic maintenance.


The condition of your car can depend entirely on how you drive it. If you are overly aggressive with high acceleration when it isn’t required and you drive too fast into corners and so on, you can do more damage than you might think.

When you start your car, do it gently. Especially in these winter months, when it is freezing, the best thing to do is to turn your engine on and wait a few moments before revving. It is like clearing your frozen windscreen with boiling hot water. The sudden, forced heat onto a cold or frozen surface can cause more damage than intended. When you start your journey, avoid over acceleration as well for similar reasons. Your engine has been resting overnight in the cold, best not to over-rev it. Drive it smoothly.

When you come to a stop at traffic lights or in a traffic jam, put your handbrake on and put it into neutral. If you leave your car in gear, whilst stationary, your engine will still be working to push the car forward. Instead, but your car in neutral and let your engine relax whilst you wait for the lights to change or for the traffic to move. With regards to your clutch, avoid riding it. This is why we suggest putting it into neutral. If you ride the clutch whilst stuck in heavy traffic or at traffic lights, it does damage to the release bearing rather than the clutch plate. In fact, if your clutch springs are very weak, you could easily burn out your clutch.


Simply putting your car in long term storage can also do damage if not done properly. We advise you disconnect and remove the battery to ensure it doesn’t run flat, whilst in storage. Make sure you fill the tank up so to prevent condensation from accumulating inside. Thirdly, remove the parking brake to prevent brake corrosion. Putting your car in storage may be a safe option, but make sure you do it properly.

Lose weight

If you constantly keep your car weighed down, it can put unnecessary strain on various parts of your car. You can put strain on your ignition and initial acceleration as the engine tried to pull the weight along. With that weight pressing down on the tyres, it will cause the tread to decrease faster than normal, which means you will have to replace them more often. It can also damage your suspension, especially if you go over larger bumps and that is very expensive to repair if damaged.

Looking after your car is so important and needs to be a priority for 2017. We can offer you vehicle inspections to make sure everything is in shape. You can get your car serviced at our state of the art prep centre. In you have any body damage, we offer car scratch repairs as well.