Windscreen wipers are an essential part of your car. They aid in giving you a clear view when driving, which is important both for your safety and those around you. If you do not have a clear windscreen, you could be charged a £1000 fine. That is a waste of money to be fined for, especially considering how easy it is to maintain both your windscreen and your wipers.

Signs you need to change your wipers

When it comes to changing your wipers, there are a variety of reasons to change them.

  • Wiper blades should be able to clear rainwater from the windscreen effortless if they are in a good condition. If they are not in good condition, the blades are likely to start leaving streaks of water. This is down to the fact that everyday use can damage the blades and force them into losing their shape. When that happens they lose their snug fit against the windscreen.
  •  Another fairly obvious sign that your windscreen wipers will need replacing is the introduction of unusual noises. When you have brand new windscreen wipers, you may notice that they operate almost silently, with the minimal amount of noise possible. If this changes and you start experiences a lot of noise from your wipers, then consider replacing them.
  • Another obvious sign is if the wiper blades look distorted or ragged when they slide across your windscreen. If they look damaged, then replace them as soon as possible.

Why change them?

If your windscreen wipers are damaged, they are easily and cheap to replace. However, if you leave them and fail to replace them, they can eventually damage your windscreen that will cost you far more than a simple windscreen wiper blade.

If your windscreen is damaged in any way in the line of the driver, it is likely to mean you will fail your MOT. That and the cost of replacement glass for the windscreen, makes the cost of money and time for replacing the blades look very attractive.

How to change your windscreen wipers

  • Once you have purchased your new wipers, raise the wiper arms off the windscreen. Push the locking tab inwards and remove the old wiper blade.
  • Remove the new wiper from its packaging and place it onto the wiper arm. Hold onto the wiper arm whilst you do this, so you know it is going on correctly. To be sure it has been inserted correctly, it should slot in with a click.
  • Simply lower the arm back down and ensure it sits nicely at the base of the windscreen.
  • Make sure you test that the new blades wipe correctly across the windscreen and make any necessary adjustments.

Windscreen wipers stood up

You can also get your wipers replaced when you book your car in for car servicing. If they do need replacing, you will be advised that by those doing the service. If you are looking for a brilliant car servicing in Blackburn and the North West of England, then we are available at our state of the art service centre and bodyshop.