Prep Your Car

1. The first thing you should always do is make sure your car is nice and clean using mild soap and water, this way you’ll get more from the wax and an all-round better finish.
2. You may realise that the paint job on your car is either scratched, damaged in some way or just dull. If this is the case, polishing the car would be a good step to include as it’ll make the wax go on a lot smoother and equally. If you choose to polish beforehand, use a damp cloth to rub the polish onto the exterior of the car and then use a clean cloth to remove it. If your car is a little more damaged than expected, then check out the car body repairs available.
3. Before applying the wax to your car, make sure that you’re out of the direct sunlight as it’s best to do this in a garage in 13-degree heat to 30-degree heat. This way buffing becomes easier and removing the wax is no issue.

Waxing Your Car

1. All cars are different; so make sure the wax you choose works well with your car. The waxes which contain genuine carnauba are up there with being the best, but they are rather costly. There are 2 alternatives which include cleaner wax and spray wax which work just as good and the prices are lower. The problem with cleaner wax is that it can remove the clear coat from your car and the problem with spray wax is that it doesn’t stay on for as long.
2. Once you’ve found the wax you’re going to use, place a little bit onto the foam applicator which came with the wax. If you apply too much, it’s going to be harder to remove and there will be a build-up of clumpy wax on your car. If you don’t have an applicator, use a damp sponge as they work just as good.
3. When you apply the wax, use circular motions and make sure it’s even – do this by focusing on a small section of the car each time for the best possible outcome.
4. This step is optional, but if you want to, buffing your car can fix any glitches. If you choose to do this, make sure it’s set at a low speed and apply any additional wax when needed.
5. The next thing to do is be patient for a few minutes and let the wax sit. If you’re not sure when it’s ready to be wiped off, swipe the car with your finger and if it smudges, leave it on for a bit longer until its clear.
6. Finally, wipe the wax off using a new cloth by rubbing it in circular motions. When the cloth begins to feel held back, swap sides of the cloth and continue wiping the wax off until it’s all gone.

Remember: If your car is finished in Matte, don’t apply wax.

If your car needs a little more attention, there are a range of car servicing deals available in order for your car to be driving at its best ability and looking the best it can.