For the third year in a row, white has remained the most popular colour for new cars sold.  In 2015 around 560,000 new cars were registered white in the UK and that made up 21.4% of the new car market.

There are many great pros to owning a white car.  They look great, which is why so many manufacturers present their cars in white at motor shows.  In summer they are very practical when reflecting light and heat away from the car in order to keep them cool.

However, there is one major issue in that they do collect dirt very easily, so here are a few tips on how to keep your white car clean.  First thing to do is to think of your car like your own body.  If you want a clean white car, then you need to put the effort you would into cleaning your car as you do with cleaning your own body.  Take care of your body and take care of your car.

Prepare your cleaning equipment before you start and organise it so you know where everything is.  If you want to clean your white car the best you can possibly do, you will require:

• Buckets of warm water mixed with car shampoo
• Car cleaning cloths
• Sponges
• Car brushes
• Car buffer
• Car polish
• Car wax
• Pressure washer
• Car vacuum
• Windscreen cleaner
• Wheel cleaner

This may seem like a lot of things to need to simply clean your car, but each item has a purpose and if you want a clean, sparkling white car, you will need all of them.

First thing to start is to use your pressure washer to rinse the car.  This will get rid of any loose dirt that is stuck to your car and could be damaging your white paintwork.  Once you have soaked the whole car, prepare the sponge by dropping it in the bucket of warm water.

Squeeze out the excess water from the sponge and wipe the car down from top to bottom with the warm soapy water, making sure to scrub at the harder grease, grit and dirt patches that usually appear.

Follow that up by hosing the car down again with your pressure washer ensuring all the soap has been washed off.  Still using the pressure washer, give each wheel a quick blast to again get rid of any loose dirt and grit.

Proceed to clean each wheel with either wheel or alloy cleaner.  Use a brush to brush away any of the built up dirt that doesn’t fancy shifting itself willingly.  Wipe it down with a cleaning cloth and finally hose each wheel down again to ensure if it free of all its dirt.

Once the car has dried, best to do it yourself with chamois leather, but do try to avoid streaks, polish the car from top to bottom, end to end.  Once you have polished the car, get the car buffer and buffer over the polish to ensure it shines.  Finally, if you do fancy a little extra shine and longer lasting protection then add some wax.

This should ensure that your white car is clean and shiny and will last for a good while.  If you are looking for other ways of improving your car or just need your car servicing, then there is only one place to go.  Hippo Service Centre offers the best car servicing Blackburn has to offer and don’t worry if you are further afield than Blackburn.  Our service team offers car servicing in Lancashire and the surrounding areas, if you are looking for a top notch service.