Getting a flat tyre whilst driving can be incredibly frustrating, and there’s no great time for it to happen.  But if you know how to quickly and successfully change your own tyre, you can make your car journeys a little less stressful by being prepared.

It’s a good idea to practice changing your tyre at home in your spare time.  Once you’ve done this, it’ll be come much easier to do in the future.  If you’re unsure about any of the steps, there are plenty of video tutorials you can watch online which will guide you visually through the process.

If you’re unsure about the state of your tyres, you can always bring your car in for car servicing in Blackburn, where our professionals can take a look for you.

1. Be prepared.  You’ll need a plastic sheet, gloves, car jack, tools, and a torch in your boot.  Also make sure the spare tyre is properly inflated, and that any tools are in good condition.

2.  As a matter of personal safety, don’t’ try to change the tyre if your tools are damaged or you feel it’s not safe to do so.  Leave it to the breakdown service instead.  Make sure to also wear reflective clothing and put your hazard lights on.

3.  After making sure passengers have left the vehicle, block the wheel on the side not being lifted, and apply the handbrake.  You can then remove the wheel cover.

4.  While the car is on the ground, loosen the wheel nuts with the wrench.  If they are too tight to loosen by hand, you can use more pressure by getting the wrench into a horizontal position and standing on it.

5.  Place the jack on firm and flat ground.  You also need to place it in the reinforced area of the sill, so as not to damage the car.  The sill can be found below the base of the door opening.

6. Raise the vehicle slowly.  Remove the nuts, and then the wheel.  The old wheel can later be placed on top of the plastic sheet in your boot to keep it clean.

7.  Place the new wheel and replace the wheel nuts.  These need to be put on the correct way so that they taper towards the wheel.  Remember, space saver tyres are for temporary use only, and cannot be driven over 50mph.

8.  Lower the car, and then tighten the nuts properly.  You can stand on the wrench again to tighten them if you need to.  Don’t over-tighten as this could damage the car.

9.  Replace the wheel cover.  You’ll then need to take your car in for a cheap car service to get the wheel replaced or repaired.