We have entered a new year and whilst we aim to improve and take care of ourselves by going to the gym, or going on holiday. We should also take care of our car. After all, cars are the way that most of us get to work every morning and get home at night. The best way to keep your car in the best condition is to get it checked. There are various checks you can conduct including a comprehensive car history check, Safety Recall check and a comprehensive vehicle inspection.

If you are looking for a vehicle inspection or servicing, we are based in Blackburn and offer car servicing on all vehicles.

Check your car’s history

If you have bought your car used, there is a possibility that it has a hidden history that you or the previous owner did not know about. In fact, 1 in 3 vehicles have a hidden past, so it is better safe than sorry to get it checked. Another thing to note that 1 in 4 cars have outstanding debt on them from a previous owner not paying off their finance payments for the vehicle. Both of these things are important things to know.

According to the AA, the average value for a car that is stolen and then sold on to unknowing buyers is £8,292 and if you are driving around in a stolen car, you need to know in order to avoid any legal issues. Around 649 vehicles a day are also uncovered as insurance write-offs, which means you could suffer from getting rejected for insurance without knowing why or maybe you are having to pay incredibly high insurance premiums, again without knowing why.

To ensure that you are safe from any legal or financial danger, we advise you get your car checked to discover if it has any outstanding finance, been written off or stolen or has had a plate transfer.

Recalled for safety reasons

Sometimes, manufacturer recall certain models of their cars, because a fault or malfunction has been found. For example, between the years 2011-2015, the top three manufacturers who issues recall notices were Toyota, Honda and Vauxhall.

Usually the letter is sent out the customer. However, at times, there can be mistakes and you might not have received a letter. You may be totally unaware that your car needs recalling or what the issue could be.

The recall noticed should explain what the defect is, what would happen if it is not attended to and what action is required and how you should act upon it. Don’t worry, recall work is free of charge as it is the fault and responsibility of the manufacturer, not you as the driver.

Don’t ignore a recall notice. You need to ensure that your car is safe, roadworthy and in the best condition possible. To ignore a recall notice, is to put yourself, your car and other drivers at risk. It could also raise your insurance premium, making you pay more unnecessarily.

If you have bought a used car, it is best to get checked for a safety recall, to make sure you don’t leave yourself open to an accident, vehicle malfunction or high insurance premiums.

Vehicle inspection is a good idea

It is the start of the year and what better way to start than to get your vehicle inspected. We offer vehicle inspections at our state of the art prep centre. Through a vehicle inspection, you discover if you have any present issues with your car.

As with all the other checks on this list, it is better to be safe than sorry and if you have started the year with an issue, it is best to find out quickly. If you want to make sure your car is in the best shape, we offer the best car servicing in Lancashire and are willing to give you a vehicle inspection.