Exhaust Repairs and Replacements

When you have a suspected issue with your exhaust it is highly recommended to get this checked out as soon as possible. An exhaust is the cars effective way of removing poisonous fumes from the vehicle and without a fully functioning exhaust system these can be breathed in by you and your passengers unsuspectingly.

Not only does it protect you and those within your vehicle from damaging fumes but a fully working exhaust system is required for a successful MOT test. Replacing your exhaust doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive and by booking an appointment with the Hippo Service Centre can save you both time and money.

If you do suspect a possible exhaust, or other component problem, you can benefit from a FREE Health Check at the Hippo Service Centre.


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    I have complete faith in the entire team at Hippo, and regularly leave my car in their capable hands. All is well, and I pick it up knowing that it has been serviced with care and attention and at a very reasonable price. Keep up the good work Hippo, I will spread the word.

    Ann Spencer

    I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else, we think Dave is super friendly and it is so handy that he delivers my car back to me. Really great service guys.

    Mick Whitehead

    Thank you Dave, first time we have used Hippo and we are thrilled with the quick and friendly service. Great great, what a refreshing change.

    Sue Michin

    I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the way you handled our problem porsche. A really experienced professional team you have there, thank you.

    Peter Surgeon

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