You may be a big fan of Need for Speed or Fast and Furious or you may just want a colour change. Well there is one way of getting that done easily, without having a full body spray. Whether you want it for personal or business reasons, the process is simple. The car is wrapped in thin, pliable vinyl.

What can you use it for?

If you dislike or wish to change the colour of your car, then vinyl might be the cheaper option than opting for a full respray. You can easily change the colour as often as you like and the colours are varied and numerous. It also protects your paintwork from being damaged, compared with a respray and you can sell your car with its original colour.

Those are the personal reasons to wrap your car. You can also wrap your car for brand and business reasons. If you are wishing to get your brand out there, then wrapping a vehicle with your logo and message can be a great way to do it. This allows you to give company cars out to your employees so thousands of people have the chance to see your business brand, logo and message.

Another reason to get your car wrapped is if you are a competing racing driver, whether it is in rallying or BTCC. Getting your race car wrapped allows you to portray who your sponsors are and also the colours of your team. You may also want to wrap your car as it is easier and cheaper to colour and modify a race car than painting or spraying it.

What is wrapping?

There are many questions regarding car wrapping and we are going to try and answer as many as possible.

What is a full wrap or a partial wrap?

A full wrap is when the entire car in vinyl, where as partial wraps are when you only wrap a certain part of the car. Partial wraps are very popular when it comes to business advertising. You can easily place an advert on a door or on the boot lid with a car wrap.

How does the vinyl attach itself?

Much like a sticker. The back of the vinyl has a backing sticker than can easily be removed and the vinyl adhered to the panel you stick it to, delivering a smooth finish.

Are they permanent?

No. If you do not damage them, their usual life span is close to five years.

Why would you get a wrap and not a repray?

A wrap is good if you wish to change the colour of your car and regularly change your colour. Whereas with a respray, it costs much more and it is usually easier to sell with the original paint job. If you do wrap your car, it is a legal requirement to inform the DVLA. This is because it involved updating your registration certificate (V5C).

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