Spring has come. We are leaving the cold, icy weather of winter and heading towards the hopefully hot and sunny months ahead (who are we kidding? We live in England!). With the changes in the seasons comes dramatic changes in weather.

Now when we entered the dark, cold months of winter, you may have made the choice to switch to winter tyres. This was a good idea. Winter tyres are designed for lower temperatures thanks to a different engineered rubber compounds from all-season or summer tyres. However, with us coming into Spring and heading towards Summer, these tyres are no longer suitable for use.

Winter tyres wear faster above seven degrees Celsius, whilst all-season and summer tyres wear faster below seven degrees. If you are still on winter tyres heading into Spring, you will likely be wasting money and rubber keeping those tyres on. The second issue is safety. Winter tyres kept on in the summer increase braking time and distance thanks to more sipes in the tread.

When should I change my winter tyres to summer tyres?

Temperature changes begin now. In March and April, we begin to see weather changes and temperature differences. This March alone, we have seen fluctuations from the very cold, up to the warm temperatures of summer. However, fluctuations in weather are not a great time to switch tyres.

If it rises above seven degrees for three days and you choose to swap, but then it drops below seven degrees for the next two weeks, you are damaging both sets of tyres by changing too early. It is a good idea to wait until the weather has stabilised before changing. This shouldn’t be too far into April, so you don’t have too long to wait. When you have had a few weeks of warm weather and reports say it is likely to continue, that is the best time to change tyres over.

Changing your tyres

When it comes changing your tyres, we recommend taking it to your local garage. If you live in Blackburn, you can book in with us at our state of the art preparation centre. We will change your tyres from winter to summer or all-season variants.

We also suggest you get your car rebalanced when you change the tyres over. This is so you can be certain that your car is set correctly. This will make sure that your car doesn’t suffer any unnecessary damage after you have had your wheels put back on.

If you are interested in switching from winter tyres to summer tyres, you can bring it in with us and we can put on great tyres for a cheap price.