Brake Pads and Discs Replacement

Brakes are one of the most obvious parts of your car or van that you need to be performing at their optimum. Depending on your driving style and the amount of miles you do will determine how often you need to get your brakes replaced. Brakes are an important part of your MOT and if you have one upcoming and you’re unsure of whether your brakes may need changing then you can benefit from a FREE Brake Check at the Hippo Service Centre.

There are various signs that your brake discs or pads may be ready to be changed:

  • If you know where your pads are, you can check whether your pads are worn. If not, don’t worry we can do it for you with a free brake check.
  • Strange sounds from your brakes such as screeching or grinding can indicate you need to have your brake pads and/or discs changed.
  • It’s not always your pads and discs when you suspect a braking problem. If your car pulls to the side it could be due to a stuck caliper.

If you know you need your brake system examining then fill in the form on the right hand side and we will give your car a free no obligation once over to ensure you’re car or van is safe to drive.



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